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All plans include one permanent address, unlimited mail reception, and guidance on the change of address process


A virtual address + mailbox to support your business


1 user included, $20/mo per additional user
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  1. Permanent street address
  2. Unlimited mail reception*
  3. Unlimited business & individual recipients
  4. Guidance on the change of address process
  5. View received mail and package contents online
  6. Access for up to 3 users
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A virtual office to scale your business


1 user included, $30/mo per additional user
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  1. Everything in Grow, plus
  2. Automatically open & scan or forward all mail
  3. Integrate with tools like Slack and Zapier
  4. Organize documents with search, tags, etc.
  5. Access for unlimited users


For organizations with special requirements


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  1. Everything in Scale, plus
  2. ✓ High mail volumes
  3. ✓ User permissions and SSO
  4. ✓ Custom workflows and rules
  5. ✓ Dedicated account manager




Base price per month (includes 1st user)
Cost for Stable services each month (first user included in base price)
Additional users price per month
Cost for each additional user after first user
Formation discount
Learn more
Discount for companies that use their Stable address to form a company or for companies that were formed in the past year
50% off
Receive a real street address (ex. 123 Main St. #1000) that can be used with tax entities, government agencies, vendors, etc.
Permanent street address
Guidance on change of address process
Receive help updating your address with tax entities, government agencies, vendors, etc. through a tailored checklist and pre-filled paperwork
Unlimited recipients
Receive mail under an unlimited number of individual or business names
Support for multiple addresses
Set up multiple Stable addresses for different purposes, entities, or cities
Maintain current business address
Have your mail forwarded from your current business address to Stable for digitization
Unlimited mail reception*
Receive unlimited mail per month (subject to our fair use policy)
Mail shredding
Securely shred any mail
Ship mail or packages to a physical location (add-on cost of postage)
Mail forwarding
View the scanned contents of received mail or packages
Open & scanning
Deposit physical checks directly to your bank account (add-on)
Check deposits
Access digital documents at anytime
Unlimited digital document storage
Stable will store physical mail for up to 30 days and packages for up to 15 days, after which we’ll securely dispose of your mail
30 day mail & 15 day package storage
Stable Dashboard
Maximum number of users you can have on a plan
User maximum
Sort mail by date, tag, action status, recipient, and more
Easily find mail by typing keywords based on sender, recipient, and more
Add customer tags to mail to indicate department, status, pending action items, and more
Automatically have all your mail open & scanned or physically shipped to a destination
Automations (auto-scan, auto-forward)
Integrate Stable with tools like Slack and Zapier
3rd party integrations
API / webhook access
Build on top of Stable’s API and webhooks to create powerful workflows
Customize Stable to capture special use cases for your business
Custom workflows & rules
Email support
Receive email support for any question you may have
Dedicated account manager
Receive priority email and phone support with a dedicated account manager
Professional services
Customize Stable to best fit your needs
Admin & Security
User roles and management
Add team members to view and take action on mail
Custom user permissions
Grant users custom access to mail, addresses, and more based on department, team, or other unique requirements
Integrate with your Single Sign-On tool like Okta or OneLogin
Custom legal & compliance requirements
Support for custom terms of service, advanced security reviews, and more
Registered Agent
Support for registered agents in all 50 states and territories
Set up Registered Agent services to stay compliant (add-on)

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Formation & Incorporation Discount

  1. Get 50% off of our Grow plan for 2 years if:
  2. ✓ You plan to use your Stable address to form a company
  3. ✓ Your company was formed in the past 12 months

Switching to Stable is easy

Save days of time with free assistance from our team as we walk you through compliantly changing your business address to Stable
✓ IRS Filings
✓ Local Filings
✓ Banks
✓ Insurance
✓ Payroll
✓ State Filings
✓ Credit Cards
✓ Vendors
✓ More...