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All plans include one permanent address, unlimited mail reception, and guidance on the change of address process
A virtual address + mailbox for your business
1 user included, $20/mo per additional user
Permanent street address
100 pieces of mail / month*
Unlimited business & individual recipients
View received mail and package contents online
Open & scan, forward, or shred all mail
Deposit checks (add-on)
Access for up to 3 users
SOC 2 security standards
Filtering for spam & junk mail
Features and automations to scale your mail operations
1 user included, $30/mo per additional user
Everything in Grow plus
Automatically open & scan or forward all mail
Integrate with tools like Slack and Zapier
Organize documents with search and tags
Access for unlimited users
Assign mail to team members & departments
For organizations with special requirements
Let's Talk
Contact us for details
Everything in Scale plus
High mail volumes
User permissions and SSO
Custom workflows & rules
Dedicated account manager

Discounts for early stage companies

Get 50% off of the Grow plan if you plan to use your Stable address to form a company or if your annual revenue is less than $1 million.

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$49 /month
$89 /month
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Base price per month (includes 1st user)
Cost for Stable services each month (first user included in base price)
Additional users price per month
Cost for each additional user after first user
Get 50% off of the Grow plan if you plan to use your Stable address to form a company or if your annual revenue is less than $1 million.
Business discount
50% off
Receive a real street address (ex. 123 Main St. #1000) that can be used with tax entities, government agencies, vendors, etc.
Permanent street address
Receive help updating your address with tax entities, government agencies, vendors, etc. through a tailored checklist and pre-filled paperwork
Guidance on change of address process
Receive mail under an unlimited number of individual or business names
Unlimited recipients
Set up multiple Stable addresses for different purposes, entities, or cities
Support for multiple addresses
Have your mail forwarded from your current business address to Stable for digitization
Maintain current business address
Receive unlimited mail per month (subject to our fair use policy)
100 pieces of mail / month*
Stable will automatically filter out all spam & junk mail for you
Filtering for spam & junk mail  
Securely shred any mail
Mail shredding
Ship mail or packages to a physical location (add-on cost of postage)
Mail forwarding
View the scanned contents of received mail or packages
Open & scanning
Deposit physical checks directly to your bank account (add-on)
Check deposits
Access digital documents at anytime
Unlimited digital document storage
Stable will store physical mail for up to 30 days and packages for up to 15 days, after which we’ll securely dispose of your mail
30 day mail & 15 day package storage
Stable Dashboard
Maximum number of users you can have on a plan
User maximum
Sort mail by date, tag, action status, recipient, and more
Easily find mail by typing keywords based on sender, recipient, and more
Add customer tags to mail to indicate department, status, pending action items, and more
Automatically have all your mail open & scanned or physically shipped to a destination
Automations (auto-scan, auto-forward)
Integrate Stable with tools like Slack and Zapier
3rd party integrations
Build on top of Stable’s API and webhooks to create powerful workflows
API / webhook access
Customize Stable to capture special use cases for your business
Custom workflows & rules
Easily designate mail to team members or departments like HR and Finance
Assign mail to team members & departments
Receive email support for any question you may have
Email support
Receive priority email and phone support with a dedicated account manager
Dedicated account manager
Customize Stable to best fit your needs
Professional services
Admin & Security
Add team members to view and take action on mail
User roles & management
Receive email support for any question you may have
SOC 2 & HIPAA security standards
Grant users custom access to mail, addresses, and more based on department, team, or other unique requirements
Custom user permissions
Integrate with your Single Sign-On tool like Okta or OneLogin
Support for custom terms of service, advanced security reviews, and more
Custom legal & compliance requirements
Registered Agent
Set up Registered Agent services to stay compliant (add-on)
Support for registered agents in all 50 states and territories

Our customers love us

We lead the industry in customer satisfaction with a net promoter score of over 70
Mali Mcconnel
Office Manager, Andros
Stable helps me manage thousands of pieces of mail received under six different business names.

It easily saves me over 20 hours a month spent on managing mail operations, and the team has been great at taking on our custom needs!
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Barry McCardel
CEO, Hex Technologies
The last thing you want to worry about as a founder is physical mail and package logistics.

Stable takes that completely off your plate, so you can worry about everything else on it. We couldn't live without it.
Jaiden Williams
HR, Verbit
Stable has helped us increase accountability and reduce the constant back and forth between departments over mail.

They also feel like a partner rather than a vendor – everyone we’ve interacted with has been so attentive, so kind and just willing to help.
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Frequently asked questions

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What's the business discount?

If you plan to use your Stable address to form a company or if your annual revenue is less than $1 million, you can get 50% off of our Grow plan for 1 year.

If you still qualify for this discount after a year, you may reach out to have it extended.

Click here to get started.

Where can I use my business address?

Your business address can be used on file with the IRS, government agencies, vendors, and more — anywhere that you may be asked to provide a physical address for your business.

Read more here.

What is the Fair Use Policy?

We believe that mail reception volume (i.e. the number of pieces of mail you receive at your Stable address) should not be a deciding factor in choosing a virtual mailbox provider.

With that in mind, our “Grow” and “Scale” Plans each have a soft limit of receiving 100 pieces of mail per month. This limit resets at the start of each monthly billing cycle. If you consistently receive more than 100 pieces of mail per month, we reserve the right to add a $2 overage fee per mail item.

Read more here.

What is the actual address that i'd get? Is it a PO Box?

Similar to how an office address may be structured, all Stable addresses are real street addresses that will look like the following depending on the state you choose:

New York
169 Madison Ave #XXXX
New York, NY 10016

2261 Market St #XXXX
San Francisco, CA 94114

1111B S Governors Ave #XXXX
Dover, DE 19904

1606 Headway Cir #XXXX
Austin, TX 78754

390 NE 191st St #XXXX
Miami, FL 33179

#XXXX is a unique number for your account / business and can be stylized how you see fit (Suite, Unit, #, etc).

Your Stable address is not a PO Box, and therefore can be used with many government and tax agencies and vendors that otherwise do not accept PO Box addresses.

Read more here.

What happens when I receive mail?

When we receive new mail for you, we’ll scan the outside envelope and extract important information such as the sender and recipient. We’ll then send you a notification via email (or through one of our integrations) with this information.

From the Stable Dashboard, you can request to have mail open & scanned to see the internal contents, forwarded to anywhere in the world, deposited to your bank account, or securely shredded. We’ll send you notifications when these actions are completed as well.

We also have automations (ex. always open & scan mail) you can turn on to make mail handling even more simple.

Can I use Stable if I’m located outside of the United States?

Yes, we work with many business owners and founders located outside of the United States.

Can I receive mail for multiple entities under the same mailbox?

Yes, we can receive mail under different business names at the same address. Please add any names you expect to receive mail under as “Business Recipients” in your account.

Can I receive packages from FedEx, UPS, DHL, and USPS?

Yes, you can receive packages from all of these carriers.

What type of Change of Address guidance will my business receive?

We help with the Change of Address process for free.

During onboarding, we ask a few questions to understand where you may have used your previous business address.

We then put together a tailored checklist for your business with instructions on how to update your address with government entities, IRS, vendors, etc.

We also pre-fill any paperwork and have a dedicated team member to walkthrough this process with you and answer any questions. We're here to make the transition as easy as possible.

Can Stable deposit my checks?

Yes, you can deposit checks with a click of a button after your bank account is linked to Stable.

You can read more about our check deposit services here.

How does the Registered Agent service work?

Our Registered Agent services satisfy the requirement of having an appointed agent in a state you’re doing business in and you can use these addresses on file with state institutions.

If we receive any correspondence from the government at your Registered Agent address, we’ll digitize the documents for you to view in the Stable Dashboard alongside mail from your primary address.

Note that these are separate addresses and services from your primary Stable address and are an add-on of $25 / month.

Does Stable sort out junk mail?

Yes, we'll sort out mail like advertisements, coupons, and magazines for you, and we won't upload any mail to your dashboard that is obviously junk mail.

Can I use my Stable address for incorporation?

Yes, you can use your Stable address for incorporation.

For help with the incorporation process, we recommend Stripe Atlas — Stable customers get $200 off.