Registered Agent

We provide registered agent services for doing business in all 50 U.S states and territories.


What is a registered agent? 

Stable can provide you with a registered agent that will:
  • Communicate with the state: Our registered agent service acts as your primary contact with any state that you're registered to do business in.
  • Receive important mail: Our registered agent service receives official mail on your behalf (i.e. court notices, registration renewals, tax notices, etc).
  • Notify your business: We will notify and communicate all important notices to you so you can take appropriate action.

Get a registered agent in any of the 50 U.S states and territories

All LLCs and corporations are required to maintain a designated registered agent in every state that they are doing business in.

Our registered agent addresses include mail digitization

With our registered agent service, we digitize any official business mail that has been sent to your address so you can quickly view, forward, shred, and more.
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We can open, scan, and upload your physical mail for easy viewing.


We can forward your physical mail and packages to anywhere in the world.


We’ll store digital copies of your mail forever, and your physical mail for up to 30 days.


Easily search your scanned documents with optical character recognition.


Sort and categorize your scanned documents with smart tagging.


We automatically shred physical mail after 30 days of storage.

Stable is the best registered agent service for modern businesses


Combine your registered agent services with our virtual address and mailbox products. Learn more.


Manage your physical mail and packages from an easy-to-use online dashboard.


We integrate with tools you use daily to make mail processing and collaboration simple.


We go above and beyond for each customer and have a net promoter score of over 70.

We have registered agent services in 50 U.S states and territories

✓ Alaska
✓ Alabama
✓ Alaska
✓ Arizona
✓ Arkansas
✓ California
✓ Colorado
✓ Connecticut
✓ Delaware  
✓ District of Columbia
✓ Florida
✓ Georgia
✓ Hawaii
✓ Idaho
✓ Illinois
✓ Indiana
✓ Iowa
✓ Kansas
✓ Kentucky
✓ Louisiana
✓ Maine
✓ Maryland
✓ Massachusetts
✓ Michigan
✓ Minnesota
✓ Mississippi
✓ Missouri
✓ Montana
✓ Nebraska
✓ Nevada
✓ New Hampshire
✓ New Jersey
✓ New Mexico
✓ New York
✓ North Carolina
✓ North Dakota
✓ Ohio    
✓ Oklahoma
✓ Oregon
✓ Pennsylvania
✓ Puerto Rico
✓ Rhode Island
✓ South Carolina
✓ South Dakota
✓ Tennessee
✓ Texas
✓ Utah
✓ Vermont
✓ Virginia
✓ Washington
✓ West Virginia
✓ Wisconsin
✓ Wyoming

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