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We're the people building Stable

👋 A note from us

Hey there, we're Collin and Sarah!

We're founders and operators, just like you. In the past, we've started a few companies — four between us both.

Each time, we were confused by the minutiae of maintaining an entity — IRS forms, statements of information, registered agents, business addresses. We always thought we were forgetting something, and we made a lot of mistakes.

One time, we messed up our business address. That was frustrating.

It's a headache to change business addresses through moves, puzzling what to use for a business address in a world that's going remote, and old-fashioned to receive physical mail. But it all still happens.

We built Stable to make business addresses + mailrooms better. Give us a try, and tell us what you think. 💌

Our leadership

Sarah Ahmad
Co-Founder + CEO
Collin Pham
Co-Founder + CTO

Trusted by innovative startups

Our investors

Incredible individuals have also invested in Stable, including Keval Desai (Investor & Advisor), Chris Erickson (Co-Founder, Apartment List), Andreas Klinger (Head of Remote, AngelList), and Holly Liu (Co-Founder, Kabam).