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How Verbit transformed its mail operations with Stable

August 7, 2023
Talal Syed

Verbit provides leading transcription and captioning solutions for over 3,000 customers, including Google, CNN and Stanford University. Verbit helps to make live broadcasts, university courses, conferences, content and podcasts more accessible and engaging.

The need for a saner way to manage mail

Until last year, the company's mail was arriving at a WeWork where its New York based employees worked.

An office manager would pick up stacks of mail from the WeWork mailroom, open them one by one, decide who they were for, scan the documents as PDFs, then email them to relevant people and departments.

When she left, the responsibility fell to Jaiden Williams, the HR Operations and People Experience Manager at Verbit. 

“I would literally have to block out 4 hours of my afternoon since we had so much mail coming in for our acquired subsidiaries, as well as stuff that needed to be sent to our offices in Israel. For checks, I had to physically go to the US Postal Service, wait in line, and send them to our lockbox,” says Jaiden.

When Verbit closed its New York office, Jaiden pushed for a saner alternative to manage mail and started vetting virtual address and mailbox providers.

“So mail just magically starts going somewhere?”

“Two big things for us were that Stable was priced well and it had a demo. Many competitors didn’t and expected you to read the site, sign up, and all of a sudden your mail just magically starts going somewhere,” says Jaiden. 

During the demo, Jaiden was impressed with how user friendly Stable was and how thoroughly her questions were answered. 

“We have sensitive documents, checks, and other important mail, and for someone to walk us through exactly how it would work was incredibly important,” explains Jaiden.

A better way to manage mail operations

“The difference between managing mail with and without Stable was stark,” says Caroline Condon, the Operations Coordinator at Verbit. 

On Stable's ability to automatically redirect mail to different people or departments based on recipient and sender names, she says, "Many times, I don't even have to look at the mail and it gets sent to the right person."

For Jaiden, the ability to assign mail to people on her team has been the most impactful. 

“People used to ask me for a particular piece of mail or check, and it took a lot of time to research and find proof that I’d handled it,” says Jaiden. 

“With Stable, I can easily assign and reference mail. Now, it’s on the departments to manage their own stuff and helps us focus on the process and spend more time on our actual work,” she adds.  

More time back in the day

With Stable, Jaiden estimates that Verbit is saving four hours every week. 

“The back and forth of finding a particular mail item or check doesn’t exist anymore. It’s off our plate and put in the court of Finance and Legal for whom it’s imperative,” says Jaiden. “It’s allowed us to be more proactive than reactive.”

For Caroline, the extra time not managing mail allows her to focus on talent acquisition, operations, and planning events.

But the reason Verbit has been so successful with Stable isn’t only due to the user-friendliness of the platform or its features – the customer support has also been important.

“Everyone that we've interacted with from Stable has been so attentive and so kind and just willing to help. The way you maintain relationships with your customers is honestly great,” says Jaiden.

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