6 Earth Class Mail alternatives to upgrade your virtual mailbox

March 7, 2023
John Eletto

It can be hard to keep up with regular trips to the local post office — and all that physical mail creates a lot of clutter and paperwork. Services like Earth Class Mail receive mail for you at a location of your choosing, then digitize it for easy access and viewing.

While Earth Class Mail is one of the most well-known virtual mailbox services out there, they’re not the only ones to consider if you’re interested in this kind of service. 

There are a lot of great virtual mailbox providers to choose from — and we’ve rounded them up so you can compare. Read below for a few great alternatives.

1) Stable

Stable is an excellent alternative to Earth Class Mail. The two companies have similar offerings as virtual mailbox services, but Stable comes with a few extra advantages.

Once you’ve established your business address with Stable, you’ll never need to worry about changing it again. You’ll have a unique, premium, and real street address that you can use for banks, government offices, the IRS, and more.

At this address, you can also receive packages from a variety of carriers, including USPS, UPS, and FedEx. Even though Stable is based in San Francisco, this service offers a physical address in three states, including New York, Delaware, and California (with Texas and Florida locations coming soon).

With Earth Class Mail, you only have the option of a Beaverton, Oregon address with their cheaper plans. If you want one of their other 80 addresses, you’ll have to pay more. In comparison, Stable has a cheaper Grow plan that comes with your choice between locations.

With Stable, you can receive an unlimited amount of mail — whereas Earth Class Mail limits physical mail to 50 pieces per month before charging extra fees. 

Stable automatically scans and digitizes envelopes for your review.

From there, several options are available:

  • Mark envelopes to be opened and scanned for later review.
  • Mark them for shredding and secure disposal.
  • Store them.
  • Forward them to another address.

One of the great things about Stable is the organizational tools. Set up automations to perform certain actions whenever you get mail from specific senders, use search tools to locate specific pieces of mail quickly, or organize mail via tags. You can also set notifications so that you’re alerted whenever mail has been received, scanned, or when another action has been taken.

Standout features and benefits

  • Premium, permanent business address in three states with more locations coming soon
  • Change of address guidance and class-leading customer support
  • Receive, scan, sort, open, and forward mail from your online mailbox
  • Automations and tags for easier mail sorting and searching
  • Slack or email notifications when mail arrives, is scanned, opened, or forwarded
  • Add a registered agent to your plan to help you maintain state compliance
  • Unlimited cloud storage
  • Integrations with Slack, Gmail, Outlook, Notion, and more
  • Worldwide package forwarding


  • Grow: Virtual address and mailbox for one user for $49 per month ($20 per additional user).
  • Scale: Additional features and automations for one user for $89 per month ($30 per additional user).
  • Enterprise: Custom solutions and pricing.

2) Anytime Mailbox

Anytime Mailbox is among the top Earth Class Mail alternatives to choose from if you need a global option. While Earth Class Mail has a somewhat limited selection of addresses in the U.S., Anytime Mailbox offers addresses in 1,876 locations around the world. Most of these are U.S. addresses, but you can also find addresses in almost every major country.

As with Earth Class Mail, Anytime Mailbox offers many of the standard virtual mailbox functionalities. They’ll scan envelopes as they come in and then you can select which ones to open, forward, shred, or archive in cloud storage. Like most other virtual mailbox providers, Anytime Mailbox will also deposit checks for you.

Standout features and benefits

  • Unlimited online storage for 24/7 access anywhere in the world
  • Mail scanning, mailbox forwarding, and check depositing
  • Free unlimited online storage on the cloud
  • Access mail and mail management tools from mobile devices.


  • Rates start at $5.99 per month.
  • Prices vary based on the location you choose.

3) US Global Mail

US Global Mail is another virtual mailbox service that can receive your mail, scan it, forward it, and so on. The address selection is a little more limited than some other offerings, with only about 30 locations available. However, once US Global Mail does receive it, you can go online for access, printing, check deposits, and more.

This service is good for individuals in need of a basic traveling mailbox or companies that need a business mailing address. With US Global Mail, you can receive mail from multiple home and business addresses, which helps you consolidate everything into one cloud-based platform.

There are a couple of features that set this service apart from Earth Class Mail. First, US Global Mail automatically presorts and recycles junk mail, a huge timesaver. This is also the go-to provider if you need international shipping, since you can get discounts of up to 80%.

Standout features and benefits

  • View incoming mail in near real time.
  • Save mail to the cloud, scan, print, or ship.
  • Get discounts on international shipping.
  • Receive postal mail from multiple addresses at one location.


  • Basic Personal: $9.95 per month for one recipient
  • Plus Personal: $14.95 per month for multiple family members
  • Business: $29.95 per month for multiple recipients and businesses

4) iPostal1

iPostal1 is another virtual mailbox service that outshines Earth Class Mail in the number of locations available. Here, you can choose from among more than 2,500 physical locations all over the world.

Another unique feature this service offers is the ability to create a business phone and fax number through select plans. When you sign up for iPostal1, you can choose between local or toll-free phone numbers, customize a greeting, set up a digital voicemail box, and create a dedicated electronic fax line.

As with other virtual post mail services, iPostal1 offers scanning, uploading, mail forwarding, and check deposits.

Standout features and benefits

  • Both U.S. and international street addresses available
  • Access mail from iPhone or Android mobile devices.
  • Create a business phone and fax with international phone forwarding.
  • Consolidate multiple packages or letters into one box to save on shipping.


  • Virtual Mailing Address: Between $9.99 and $39.99 per month (depending on number of mail items)
  • Virtual Business Address: Between $9.99 and $39.99 per month
  • Virtual Office: Between $39.99 and $69.99 per month

5) PostScan Mail

While Earth Class Mail is geared toward businesses — often at the enterprise level — PostScan Mail is a great option for individuals, startups, and small businesses, especially if you travel a lot.

That’s because with PostScan Mail, you can opt to pick up mail locally instead of forwarding it to another address. Set up your mailbox rental near your usual location so that you can pick up mail as needed. When you’re abroad, have it forwarded to an address near you.

With that, PostScan Mail offers access to more than 600 locations. Set up an account for business or personal use, and PostScan Mail will scan envelopes that you can then access online. After that, you can choose what to do: open and scan, recycle, forward, and so on.

Another unique aspect of this service is that, while most other companies offer physical addresses, this one offers both physical addresses and virtual P.O. Boxes (a less expensive option if you just need basic mail receiving and tracking).

Standout features and benefits

  • Pick up mail and packages at convenient locations local to you.
  • Create dedicated sub-accounts for multiple recipients at the same address.
  • Manage mail online with folders, filters, and other sorting tools.


  • Starter: $10 per month, one recipient, 30 mail items
  • Standard: $20 per month, two recipients, 60 mail items
  • Premium: $30 per month, six recipients, 120 mail items

6) Physical Address

One thing that Physical Address boasts over Earth Class Mail and other providers is security.

This provider is very clear that they do not outsource employees or locations to other organizations. That not only adds a layer of privacy to their service, but also guarantees that your unique address will never be shut down.

Additionally, when you register with Physical Address, you get a real street address plus a private suite number. Have mail and packages delivered here, and Physical Address will scan envelopes so that you can have 24/7 access online. Take advantage of standard services like document scanning, recycling, mail forwarding, and more.

Standout features and benefits

  • Comes with a private suite number
  • Address locations are not outsourced — and never lost.
  • Free registered agent service for account holders
  • Add unlimited mail recipients to your account.


  • Plan 30: $7.98 per month for 30 envelope scans
  • Plan 50: $10.98 per month for 50 envelope scans
  • Plan 100: $16.98 per month for 100 envelope scans
  • Plan 200: $26.98 per month for 200 envelope scans

Get a virtual business address within 3 minutes with Stable

Ready to get started with a virtual mailbox that offers all the tools and integrations you need to handle physical mail efficiently?

Stable is a great choice, not only because they offer a full suite of services, but also because you can get set up with a new address in as little as three minutes. To get started, click here.

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