VirtualPostMail review and analysis: Is it worth it?

June 8, 2023
Minh Mai

From lack of a private permanent address for receiving mail to credibility and compliance issues, today’s businesses face unique challenges when it comes to managing their physical mail.

That's where virtual mail services come in.

Also known as virtual mailboxes and virtual mailroom service, this modern mail management solution provides a variety of features, including a real street address, mail digitization, check deposits, and more.

In this blog, we'll take a closer look at one leading virtual mailbox company, VirtualPostMail (VPM). After overviewing its features and capabilities, pricing, and third-party ratings, we’ll also check how it compares with another leader in the space: Stable.  

A quick overview of VirtualPostMail

VPM offers a convenient, secure, and user-friendly way to access, manage, and forward business mail from any location in the world. 

Whether you’re looking to banish physical or digital mail clutter, or capitalize on the benefits of a permanent physical street address in the state of your choice, VPM can help. It can also eliminate time-consuming trips to the post office for mail pickup.

VirtualPostMail is useful for many people, including:

  • Remote workers who need a reliable and efficient way to handle their postal mail
  • Frequent travelers aiming to stay connected on the road
  • Entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to establish a more professional presence, ensure legal compliance, and streamline their business mail management process

Main features and capabilities of VirtualPostMail

Comprising multiple functionalities for streamlining and enhancing the mail management experience, VPM’s key features include: 

Proof of address

In addition to providing an actual physical address for your digital enterprise, VPM’s TruLease proof of address feature also has verification documentation, such as:

  • Lease agreements
  • Utility bills
  • On-site visit proof

This is beneficial for opening bank accounts, applying for loans, and registering businesses. 

Permanent mailbox address

Especially useful for small businesses and entrepreneurs who may not yet have physical offices but still need to receive mail, VPM’s permanent mailbox address feature includes the receipt of mail pieces and parcels from UPS, FedEx, and other carrier packages at a secure facility. There, they are digitized and stored on an secure online platform that’s accessible in real time. Other benefits of a permanent mailing address include a more professional appearance and personal privacy. 

With VPM, you can choose from one of four addresses in either Covina, California; Claymont, Delaware; Brandon, Florida; or Henderson, Nevada. While there may be some tax benefits associated with these states, it’s worth noting that VPM’s address selection is pretty limited.

Check deposit

VPM’s check deposit service lets you remotely deposit physical checks via your phone or computer. In addition to eliminating the time and labor associated with traditional check depositing methods, remote check deposits also reduce the risk of loss or theft and speed up the process.

Keep in mind there may be some fees and limitations associated with this feature (for example, not every VPM location offers it), so review the specifics before choosing your plan. 

Package forwarding

With VPM’s package forwarding feature, you can forward all mail and packages from their secure receiving location to the address of your choice, thereby ensuring you’ll never miss a delivery. 

In addition to selecting the destination address, you also have the flexibility of picking the forwarding date and shipping carrier so you’ll receive them at the most opportune time and place. 


Registered agent services

All businesses are required to have designated entities for receiving legal documents on their behalf. These agents must be available during normal business hours in the same state as your street address. This can be problematic for remote businesses — and can open the door to compliance issues if you fail to fulfill this requirement.

With registered agent services in the four states where it has mailbox addresses, VPM mitigates this concern. VPM also gives you quick and easy access to these and other documents via your virtual mailbox.


VirtualPostMail has implemented robust security measures designed to safeguard your sensitive information — both digital and physical. These include everything from encryption technology to advanced security systems, surveillance cameras, and safe shredding and recycle processes. 


Offering integrations to more than 5,000 apps through Zapier, VPM has the potential to work symbiotically with your existing digital ecosystem and business workflow. This has many benefits, including repetitive task automation, reduced manual data entry, and improved overall employee productivity.

While some mail management companies offer native integrations, with VPM you’ll need a Zapier account to leverage these integrations. And while Zapier has a “free forever” plan for its basic features, you’ll have to pay an additional fee for premium features.

VPM does have an API you can use to connect directly. However, you’d need a developer on your team (or payroll) to utilize this feature.

Pricing options

Now that we've explored the main features and capabilities of VirtualPostMail, we’ll delve into pricing.


The most stripped down virtual mailbox solution from VPM, this cost-effective option starts at $20 per month and includes limits to incoming mail items as well as basic features such as mail scanning and online access. 

If you’re not dealing with a lot of mail or you don’t need more than barebones functionality, VPM’s Starter plan may be the best fit for you. 


A step up from the Starter plan, Plus costs $35 a month and includes additional benefits, such as higher monthly mail limits, check depositing, and access to premium customer support. 

If you have moderate mail volume and need more advanced features, the Plus plan may be right for you. 


Tailored specifically to small businesses and entrepreneurs requiring comprehensive mail management solutions, VPM’s Business plan starts at $60 per month. Its selling points include a higher mail item limit, package forwarding, and priority access to customer support.


Businesses with high-volume mail needs and even more complex mail management requirements may opt for the Premium plan. For $90 a month, the VPM team will create a custom mail management solution (and budget) for your precise business needs.


The Premium plan’s additional capabilities include integrations, custom mail workflows, and dedicated account management. 

TruLease pricing

In addition to the standard plans above, VPM offers TruLease pricing. Created to provide businesses with real and verifiable physical business addresses, TruLease pricing starts at $100 a month.

It includes a real street address, tenant on lease, phone and in-person verification, and basic mail receiving. For an additional fee, you can also add on a utility bill or additional joint tenants.  

Third-party ratings for VirtualPostMail

Third-party ratings and reviews are one of the best ways to get an authentic understanding of a company’s products and services. Here’s what a couple of popular third-party ratings sites say about VPM:


Based on eight reviews on this software and services review platform, Virtual Post Mail has an overall rating of 3.3 out of 5 stars. While the reviews are generally favorable, there are also some complaints — most frequently about loading times.

 Check out what several G2 users had to say

  • “Virtual post mail allows ease of reading mail from any location. I dislike the time it takes for it to be scanned and uploaded. I would like to read the mail quicker.”
  • “It helps me stay very organized. I know everything that I’m doing and it makes my workload much more manageable…In a sense it can be too organized which can make things difficult to find.”
  • “I like the simplicity of direction. You are not overwhelmed at first glance…[I don’t like] the length things take to load. Sometimes I find myself getting impatient.”


Virtual Post Mail has a rating of 4.0 out of 5 stars based on several customer reviews on Trustpilot. Here are a few excerpts from the top reviews::

  • “VPM went above and beyond to make my life easier. There are a few downsides to this company: they tend not to be available 24 hours a day because they don't run a call center, but do respond quickly to questions. Another downside is their website portal shows some shipping costs and prices if you are sending something out, but it does not automatically show you all the different shipping options and costs that are available. If you want to ship using another option not listed, it's less convenient.”
  • “I did a bit of research before I chose Virtual Post Mail and they seemed to have the best value overall. So far I couldn't be happier with their service. Thanks VPM!”

However, some Trustpilot reviewers did voice serious concerns about their VPM experiences, including the following:

  • “Do not use this service. I thought it would be convenient as I travel a lot. It's a waste of money and a waste of time. There are so many other services out there to give your money too that actually value their customers!”
  • “I was a customer for over a year. I had a balance of five dollars. They closed my mailbox without warning or notice. I lost invaluable correspondence and suffered greatly.”

How is Stable superior to VirtualPostMail?

While Virtual Post Mail has many attractive features and benefits, you can’t make truly informed purchasing decisions without practicing due diligence. This means exploring other options — like Stable. 

Another leading digital mailbox service, Stable is an especially compelling alternative to VPM. Take same-day processing of pieces of mail, for example. While several VPM users had issues with slow mail uploading times, Stable has same-day opening and processing. Not only that, but Stable’s convenient notifications update you when mail is received, scanned, and available for viewing, so you’ll always be looped into the status of your mail in real time.

Once your mail is in your virtual mailbox, Stable also offers collaborative tools ideal for today’s distributed workforce. When team members are scattered, the ability to digitally share and tag business mail makes it easy to keep everyone on the same page.

Stable outperforms VPM and other virtual mailbox providers in customer service. While navigating compliance can be tricky, Stable makes sure you get it right with guided change of address assistance and hands-on onboarding — right down to pre-filling the USPS 1583 form for you.

Stable also boasts a wider selection of virtual business addresses, as well as a registered agent service in every U.S. state and territory for much more flexibility.

Worried about privacy and the environment? Stable has you covered there, too, with mail shredding and recycling service.

A few other areas where Stable shines include:

  • Intuitive and modern user interface and mobile app
  • Transparent and affordable pricing options (including a generous free plan)
  • Robust ecosystem of integrations

Set up a virtual mailbox in minutes with Stable

While VirtualPostMail is a reputable virtual mailbox service offering a range of features and benefits, Stable is a standout in the traveling mailbox market. 

Thanks to everything from exceptional ease-of-use to an incomparable selection of integrations, Stable is the top contender for the title of best virtual mailbox service. (It’s also a significant improvement over using a P.O. box or USPS mail forwarding.)
And, did we happen to mention you can set up your virtual mailbox and hit the ground running with your virtual office in a matter of minutes? 

If you’re ready to reap all the advantages of truly user-centric virtual mail management, create your Stable address today.

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