6 Anytime Mailbox alternatives for a virtual mailbox

February 23, 2023
Sarah Ahmad

Virtual mailbox services like Anytime Mailbox are an increasingly popular choice (growing at 6.57% yearly from around $1.5 billion to a market size greater than $7.3 billion by 2030) for businesses of all sizes, from startups to enterprise. Anytime Mailbox is a popular provider of this service, but it’s not the best choice for every business.

If you’re looking for an alternative to Anytime Mailbox (whether due to price, flexibility, features, or any other reason), we’ve collected six of the best options in this article. These options offer you a better way to send and receive mail than a P.O. Box, and include many other capabilities — like giving you a virtual office with a real street address.

Before diving into the best virtual mailroom alternatives to Anytime Mailbox, let’s look at what the right virtual mailbox service can deliver.

Features and capabilities to look for in virtual mailbox service

As you search for the right virtual mailbox service for your business, look for one that offers these features and capabilities.

(New to the world of virtual mailboxes? Get a crash course in our blog: How does a virtual mailbox work?)

Scanning, forwarding, storage, and shredding capabilities

At a minimum, your virtual mailbox service should be able to digitally scan your mail so you can view it electronically. It should also offer mail forwarding services: Many vital paper documents can't be processed or handled digitally, and you’ll need a way to have these delivered to you.

Storage and shredding capabilities are also vital, and you’ll find some differences between providers. Make sure to evaluate how long a service will store mail and packages and that you have a workable plan for retrieving or receiving important items before time expires. (Most will shred stored items after the prescribed length of time.)

Check depositing

Many businesses still receive payments via paper check, which could be a hurdle to using a virtual mail service. Some services offer check depositing services, while others do not.

And, of course (as with any other digital service interfacing with your business’s bank and finance), you’ll want to verify that your virtual mail service offers check depositing and that this capability works with your specific banking institution.

Registered agent services

In the U.S., organizations operating in states where they have no physical location need a registered agent in those states. Essentially, a registered agent is the face of your business to the state: the person (or entity) that deals with tax notifications, registration renewals, court notices, and similar official paperwork.

Most businesses will use an employee, company leader, or a trusted partner (such as an attorney or CPA the business is already working with) to fulfill this responsibility. But there are plenty of situations where a business simply doesn't have any of the above.

This is where registered agent services come into play. Many virtual mail services offer this capability, serving as your registered agent and dealing with the various paperwork and responsibilities that come with that role.

Custom automation capabilities

Using a virtual mail service is all about simplifying the complex. The more your business grows, the greater your need for customizable automation, as the default workflow from a given virtual mailbox provider may no longer suit your needs.

Providers offer varying levels of both automation and customization, so be sure to understand what you can and can’t automate with the virtual mail partners you’re considering.

Security and privacy

A virtual mail service has access to sensitive information about your business and your customers, so you’ll want to understand a service’s security and privacy policies before signing up:

  • What steps does the service take to ensure only authorized employees (at their location) and users (in your online portal) can access your mail?
  • Is the service following cybersecurity best practices?
  • Is the service compliant with any regulations your business must adhere to (e.g., HIPAA)?


Today’s businesses rely on a wide range of digital tools to get business done. Each of these is valuable on its own, but the real magic is in how they can integrate together to accomplish even more. For example, automating check deposits could save your finance manager dozens of hours of work every month. 

When considering a virtual mail provider, be sure to check its integrations list to see if it integrates with the tools your teams already use, like Slack, Dropbox, and Google Drive. This will help determine which tools will help better manage your workflows and processes — and which will create more work.

We’ve covered six key features and capabilities you’ll want to evaluate for any virtual mailbox. Now let’s dive into the six best alternatives to Anytime Mailbox, starting with our personal favorite: Stable.

1) Stable

Stable is an intuitive, easy-to-use virtual mailbox and virtual address service combined with powerful software that far exceeds what most providers offer. Its class-leading customer support, automation features, and change of address guidance are designed to support companies as they scale their mail operations. 

Stable’s software goes beyond just viewing mail online via an online mailbox you can access from your computer or mobile device (though it certainly accomplishes these things well!). Its software tools include automation capabilities, powerful search, customizable notifications and tags, and an API and webhooks for building powerful workflows using your existing tool stack.

With locations in major U.S. cities like New York, San Francisco, and upcoming locations in Austin and Miami, Stable gives you a faster, more intuitive way to handle your business mail from anywhere — no hidden fees.

Standout features and benefits

  • Registered agents available in all 50 U.S. states
  • Change of address guidance
  • Automated compliance features to help stay on top of tax filing deadlines
  • High-quality internal scans of all mail 
  • Cost savings from negotiated discount rates with carriers
  • Unlimited mail reception
  • Unlimited cloud storage
  • Automated scanning and check depositing
  • Wide-ranging integrations including Slack, Notion, Gmail, Zapier, and Dropbox
  • Secure shredding after 30 days
  • Incoming mail notifications via email or Slack
  • Package forwarding to anywhere in the world


Users on the Scale and Enterprise plans can access a deep roster of integrations to leading tools, including Slack, Zapier, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Notion, Outlook, and more.


Stable offers three pricing plans to help businesses get exactly what they need at a cost that fits their budget. 

The Grow plan is $49 per month and is ideal for businesses needing a virtual address and virtual mailbox. The Scale plan is $89 per month, and offers time-saving automations for more robust mail management needs. Even more powerful Enterprise plans are also available with custom pricing. 

All of Stable’s plans come with one user and unlimited recipients baked in, but you can add additional users at any time if needed for an additional monthly fee.

2) iPostal1

iPostal1 has been in the virtual mailbox market since 2007. It has one of the most globally distributed networks, with over 2000 virtual locations throughout 15 countries and all U.S. states and territories.

With iPostal1, you choose a location and a pricing and service plan. Once you complete the necessary forms, you can redirect your mail to your chosen virtual mailbox location. From there, you can view and manage mail remotely and tell iPostal1 what to do with each piece (forward, open and scan, schedule pickup, throw away, or shred).

Notably, iPostal1 charges for interior content scanning, something that many others include in the cost of their plans.

Standout features and benefits

  • No P.O. boxes — every address is a real building that can accept packages from any carrier
  • Easily add locations in just a few clicks
  • Package consolidation that combines multiple small packages into one larger shipment to save on shipping and reduce carbon footprint
  • Virtual Office plans include local or toll-free phone numbers (complete with personalized greetings and digital voicemail) plus electronic fax


iPostal1 does not offer any integrations.


iPostal1 pricing ranges from $9.99 to $39.99 monthly for virtual mailing addresses or virtual business addresses. For a virtual office (including phone and fax), expect to pay between $39.99 and $69.99.

Note that all plans have a limit on items per month, and exceeding that limit incurs additional charges.

3) Earth Class Mail

Earth Class Mail, now a subsidiary of Legalzoom, has been around since 2004. The company offers a virtual mail service where all mail is processed at a secure Earth Class facility, then digitized for you. Online access and check deposits are standard.

Earth Class Mail majors on security and offering its users a paperless experience. But, like others, Earth Class allows you to consolidate those items you do need to physically receive and ship them via your courier of choice.

Despite a longer history, Earth Class offers far fewer virtual addresses compared to other services and offers U.S. addresses only.

Standout features and benefits

  • Offers plans for individuals and businesses
  • Business plans (while pricey) include higher volumes of mail than some competitors
  • Unlimited cloud storage
  • One-click mail forwarding


Earth Class Mail integrates with some of the most common related services, including, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Intuit Quickbooks, and Xero.


Earth Class offers MailBox plans for individuals and smaller businesses. The lowest two tiers, $19 or $29 per month, are limited to the Beaverton, Oregon, address. Premium MailBox ($79/month) gives more than 80 address options.

However, businesses requiring more mail volume will have to go with one of their higher priced plans — Startup MailRoom at $139/month or Business MailRoom at $229/month. 

4) PostScan Mail

PostScan Mail is another virtual mailbox service offering the standard fare of viewing, scanning, forwarding, and shredding/recycling. In addition, PostScan gives its users some unique capabilities.

Multiple-user access (at no extra charge) is a nice touch, as is the unlimited cloud storage for your scanned mail. You can also physically walk into your local PostScan location to pick up packages or mail delivery — something that isn’t possible within some competitors’ business models.

With locations in 47 U.S. states, the District of Columbia, six locations in Canada, and a handful in other international hubs, PostScan Mail has a respectable footprint.

Standout features and benefits

  • Online mail management via web or mobile app (iOS and Android) that gives you detailed control
  • Local pickup allows you to pick up packages in person and avoid costly forwarding (provided you are located near a PostScan Mail location)
  • Archive that remains accessible for the life of your account
  • Filters and folders that enable digital sorting 


PostScan Mail does not advertise any integrations with other tools.


PostScan Mail’s plans initially seem attractive, ranging from $10 to $30 per month. However, the limits on opening and scanning as well as total incoming mail are quite low, and several features that are typically standard cost extra here (including mail forwarding mail shredding). Expect to pay overage fees.

5) US Global Mail

US Global Mail is another viable Anytime Mailbox alternative for a virtual mailbox for businesses that need a U.S. address. This Houston, Texas-based business offers virtual mailbox and virtual address services. It’s an eco-conscious business that recycles as much mail as possible and even plants a tree in the name of every new customer.

US Global Mail scans your mail and sends it to your virtual mailbox for you to decide what to do. Interior scanning, recycling, filtering junk mail, and rebundling for shipping are all available.

US Global Mail offers a polished product even if the functionality isn’t particularly unique. But be aware that the business’s address options are limited: around 25 total locations, no more than one or two locations per U.S. state, and no international locations.

Standout features and benefits

  • Longer free storage than most (180 days for digital and physical mail; 90 days for boxes)
  • Flexible plans that can scale from small business to enterprise
  • Dedicated features for relocation and expat mail
  • 30 days to cancel, no questions asked


US Global Mail does not appear to offer any first-party integrations.


Most business plans are $34.95 per month; a prestigious Bay Area address is $39.95. Note that interior document scans are not included in this price, nor are charges for bundling letters or items. Even picking up items yourself at a US Global Mail warehouse costs you extra.

6) Physical Address

Physical Address bills itself as the most advanced customer-centric virtual mail solution out there. While that might be debated, the provider does offer some interesting advantages. Most plans include multi-user admin capabilities, and all plans offer free local pickup and registered agent services.

Physical Address has just eight U.S. locations, each in a fairly major city. But there’s a decent reason for it: they staff and manage each location themselves rather than relying on third parties for some locations.

That means you get a higher level of stability and service, and your address is not likely to change.

Virtual storage, shredding, and registered agent service are all free with Physical Address as well.

Standout features and benefits

  • Every location is staffed by PhysicalAddress team members, giving you a consistent experience everywhere
  • Offers a virtual P.O. Box service
  • Straightforward pricing with fewer add-on fees than most
  • Superior customer service


The only integration advertised by Physical Address is Evernote.


Plans range from around $8 to around $27 monthly. The biggest cost determiner is the number of envelope scans and content scans you need, with 30/10 at the low end and 200/100 at the high end.

Note that these prices are for the Boise, Idaho, location only. That $8 plan scales as high as $20 for a Wall Street address.

Set up your virtual mailbox in 3 minutes with Stable

Choosing a virtual mailbox for your business mail is a smart decision. Deciding which service to use can be a little trickier.

That said, it doesn’t get much simpler than Stable. Your Stable cloud-based virtual mailbox takes just three minutes to set up, and our dedicated team member will walk you through the process to make it as smooth as possible.

Ready to get Stable? Start exploring a better approach to virtual mail today.

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