Your guide to choosing the right USPS account for your business

May 5, 2023
Collin Pham

If you have a United States address, you're no stranger to the United States Postal Service (USPS). In fact, the USPS serves more than 165 million addresses across the country — processing, picking up, and delivering millions of letters and packages daily.

As a USPS customer by default, you might think you know everything there is to know about the postal service. But did you know that if you're a business owner, you could be eligible for a number of additional perks and benefits through a free USPS Business account for your business address?

Understanding a USPS Business account

USPS Business accounts are designed specifically for business owners or those in the process of opening their own businesses. These accounts offer several features you won't find in a USPS Personal account — and they're available to companies of all sizes (ranging from small businesses and startups to large companies).

Pros of a USPS Business account

Shipping discounts

The biggest advantage of opening a USPS Business account is substantial discounts on shipping services. If your business sends out a lot of mail, whether in the form of parcels or print marketing, you can save a lot of money by sending it via your USPS Business account rather than a personal account. With a Business account, you'll even have the option to schedule shipping collections and carry out targeted ad campaigns.

Click-N-Ship label generation

Having a USPS Business account also makes it quick and easy to create labels, which can otherwise be time-consuming and cumbersome. Specifically, USPS's "Click-N-Ship" feature allows Business account owners to generate and print shipping labels directly from their online accounts without needing to visit a physical post office or write out labels by hand.

Free to sign up and use

The best part about all of this? USPS doesn't charge membership fees or any other fees to open or maintain a Business account.

Cons of a USPS Business account

Must meet certain criteria

You may need to meet certain criteria to take advantage of shipping discounts through a USPS Business account. For example, you may not qualify for the lowest shipping rate if you're only sending out a few pieces of mail. Volume discounts require customers to meet certain "minimum quantities," which vary depending on the type of mail being sent. For USPS Marketing Mail, the minimum quantity for a volume discount is 200 pieces of mail (or 50 pounds), whereas volume discounts for First-Class Mail don't kick in until you hit 500 pieces.

Not always the cheapest option

With this in mind, using a USPS Business account to send mail isn't always the cheapest option. While a USPS Business account can qualify you for some significantly discounted shipping rates and other perks, you may be able to find lower rates by shopping around with other carriers.

Limited service hours

While the United States Postal Service does deliver some types of mail on Sundays, service is limited. Likewise, post office branches aren't open on Sundays (and hours are typically very limited on Saturdays), so you may have a hard time getting in touch with somebody if you need assistance with your account over the weekend.

Understanding a USPS Personal account

Unlike a USPS Business account, a Personal account is designed for everyday residential use. It's what you probably use to send postcards to friends and family, as well as packages to loved ones during the holidays.

Pros of a USPS Personal account

Free to sign up

As with a USPS Business account, Personal accounts are completely free to open. Even if you already receive mail through USPS, you can sign up for a free online account to enjoy additional benefits within a matter of minutes. You will need to pay for additional services, such as online postage or scheduling package pickup, but creating and managing your account will never cost you anything.

Free Informed Delivery services

USPS Personal customers can also sign up for free Informed Delivery, which allows you to receive daily email notifications with previews of your mail and packages for that day. This is a great way to view images of your incoming letter-sized mail, track and manage your packages, and more.

Buy online postage

USPS Personal customers also have the option to buy postage from the convenience of their homes with no trip to the post office needed. Click-N-Ship services are also available to USPS Personal customers (though bulk discounts are not applied), which can be a useful option if you need to print postage to send out a package or bulkier envelope.

Cons of a USPS Personal account

No shipping discounts

USPS Personal accounts are not eligible for bulk shipping discounts like USPS Business accounts are. If you need to send out bulk mailings or large quantities of packages for any reason, you're probably better off signing up for a Business account to take advantage of cheaper shipping. Otherwise, you may be able to find less expensive postage and shipping rates through another carrier, such as FedEx or UPS.

Fewer tracking options

USPS Personal accounts don't have access to the same robust tracking tools as Business accounts. While you'll still enjoy basic package tracking through a USPS Personal account using the tracking number on your receipt, more advanced and intuitive options are only available to USPS Business account holders.

Same limited hours

As with Business accounts, Personal accounts are subjected to the same limited hours of operation by the United States Postal Service. Most branches are only open for a few hours on Saturdays, and all branches are closed on Sundays. Some mail services may still operate over the weekends, and you'll still be able to access your online account services at any time, but in-person account services and mail delivery are limited.

The key differences between a USPS Business and USPS Personal account

Looking for more information on the specific differences between a USPS Business and USPS Personal account? Let's dive in.

1) Business accounts offer more intuitive tracking

When you send a package through a USPS Personal account, you'll receive a receipt with a USPS tracking number that you can then use to manually track your package until it's delivered. With a Business account, however, you (and your recipient) have access to more robust features, such as the ability to send real-time email and SMS text alerts to keep your customers updated regarding the status of each package.

2) Business accounts have doorstep pickups

If you don't have time to run to the post office, USPS Business account holders can schedule doorstep pickups via Priority Mail. This service can be a great way to send out business packages and mail without leaving your home.

3) Business accounts allow you to receive mail on the go

USPS Business customers are eligible for mail forwarding services, allowing you to continue receiving your business mail even when you're on the go. This can come in handy if you're traveling but still need to receive important mail and parcels. Simply inform your local post office of your travel plans ahead of time, as USPS can temporarily forward your mail to the address where you'll be staying.

4) PayPal services are unlocked for business accounts

When you register for a USPS Business account, you'll also unlock PayPal services that can make your life easier and save you time as a business owner. Specifically, having a Business account allows you to make Click-N-Ship payments and other purchases directly through your PayPal account.

5) Business accounts eliminate paperwork

Postage statements, mailing labels, and other paperwork can be quickly and easily generated through a USPS Business account, saving you the time and hassle of filling out documents manually. These automated processes also reduce the likelihood of error, which can help you avoid hassles later on.

How to set up a USPS Business account

For most business owners, a USPS Business account is the most practical option for cutting down on shipping costs and taking advantage of some other great features.

If you want to set up a new account, you can get started online in minutes. To create a business account, visit and click the "register/sign in" link at the upper-right corner of the page. From there, you'll be prompted to choose a language and enter a username and password. You'll also be asked to choose some security questions to keep your account safe.

Next, simply select the "Business Account" option, enter your contact information, and you'll be well on your way to using your online account.

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There are a lot of benefits and perks to explore with a USPS Business account, especially when compared to the "standard" Personal account that most postal users have. Whether you're looking to take advantage of deep USPS shipping discounts or simply want access to more robust tracking options for you and your potential customers, USPS has solutions to meet your growing company's needs.

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