An all new dashboard

November 8, 2023
Collin Pham

Today we’re introducing a redesigned dashboard and our first design system at Stable.

From day one, design has been core to our mission — we started Stable to build the intuitive and simple product we wish existed but couldn’t find. These design efforts represent our continued commitment to creating good software that just works.

We’re so excited to show you what we’ve built!

What’s new

The redesigned Stable Dashboard introduces usability and functionality improvements, which are outlined below. 

Home Page

The home page has been redesigned to surface important updates about your mail and core information about your Stable Address.

Highlighted updates

  • View all of the addresses associated with your account on one page and conveniently copy any part of those addresses
  • More quickly access your proof-of-address and change-of-address documents
  • Easily differentiate between which of your addresses are registered agents and which are business addresses
  • View updates about new mail that may need your attention

Mailroom Page

The mailroom page has been redesigned to make triaging mail faster.

Highlighted updates

  • View all mail received across all of your Stable Addresses in one consolidated view (you can still filter mail by address)
  • More quickly act on multiple pieces of mail with improved bulk actions
  • More quickly apply filters and see what filters are currently applied
  • View and filter mail that contain checks with the new “check detected” icon

Mail Page

The mail item page has been redesigned to more clearly communicate the current status of a piece of mail and reveal historical actions that have been taken.

Highlighted updates

  • Action buttons reveal more information about the status of a piece of mail
  • Informational text surfaces when mail may be shredded, how many checks have been detected, etc
  • View what historical actions have been taken on a piece of mail and when
  • The read/unread and archive/unarchive buttons no longer go back in the browser after clicked

Settings Page

The settings pages have been updated to use the new design system and redesigned to consolidate certain product concepts.

Highlighted updates

  • More easily understand your billing information and invoice history
  • Consolidation of “authorized recipients” and “business recipients” to “recipients”

Let us know what you think

As you begin using the new Stable Dashboard, let us know what you think — we’re reachable at

We based these updates on conversations with customers and feedback we’ve collected since day one, but realize it’s hard to get everything right. We’re here to consistently improve and love talking to you all so if you have thoughts please just shoot us a message!

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