My company's business address changed — who do I need to notify?

Minh Mai
October 11, 2021

Whether your company’s business address is changing due to a new office space, a physical relocation to a new state, or a transition to a fully remote workplace, getting your new business address updated can be a confusing ordeal if you do not know where to start. 

Fortunately, we’ve helped hundreds of companies update their business address to their Stable virtual address, and we’re here to give you the rundown for what your next steps should look like. 

Why do I need to update my business address?


First off, if your company’s business address has changed or is changing, it’s important to update your address with vendors, government entities, tax institutions, etc as soon as possible so that you don’t miss on any important documents or notifications.


Especially since many federal and state tax notifications are sent through snail mail, missing out on these tax deadlines could lead to hefty fines and late penalties — i.e if you fail to “file an annual report and/ or pay franchise taxes by the March 1st deadline, the Delaware Division of Corporations levies a $200 penalty on top of the original annual report fee and taxes due, plus 1.5% interest per month applied to any unpaid tax balance” (Source). 


Updating your business address is important to not only ensure that these notifications are being sent to the correct address, but it’ll also reduce the overall complexity of having mail sent to your old and new address.


What government entities should I notify? 


Federal level 

Updating your address with the IRS so your tax information is up to date is crucial. To do this, you’ll need to mail either mail in a 8822-B form or use your new address on your next tax returns (recommended if you are newly incorporated or filing taxes within a month of your business address change). 

Detailed information on the 8822-B form and how to file can be found here


State level 

Your business address should be updated with every State that you are qualified or registered to do business in. Every state has different filing requirements, so we recommend looking into each state you’re qualified in or calling your secretary of state’s office to find out what they may require in order to remain in good standing.

For example, the state of Delaware simply requires a corporation to keep its business address updated with their registered agent so all official business mail will get sent to the current address. In addition, the corporation will also need to use their new business address in their Delaware annual report that needs to be filed every year. 

Similarly, all businesses registered in the state of California will need to file a Statement of Information in order to update their address with the California Secretary of State. This is a required filing that must be made annually in order to remain in good standing. 

Filing for this can be found through their online website here.

In general, each state will also likely have some variation of a Franchise Tax Board (i.e the CA Franchise Tax Board), a registered agent, and an employment department if you’ve hired employees in that state (I.e the CA Employment Development Department).

What business vendors should I notify? 

Updating your business address with the different vendors / services that you work with is important in order to prevent any misdelivery of mail as well as to ensure that all auto-created documents (i.e invoices or pay stubs) have the correct business address on it. Some vendors / services that you may want to update your address with include but are not limited to:


Any other items? 

In addition to banks institutions, payroll providers, cap table management companies, etc from above, you should also consider updating your address with the following if it applies to you:


It may be difficult to know who to notify when you change your company’s business address, however, this article can serve as your starting point. 

If you’re still feeling overwhelmed, we recommend checking in with your legal team for advice or looking into business operations services that can help with this process.

At Stable, we compliantly guide you through the change of business address process during onboarding. Once you sign up, you’ll be assigned a dedicated account manager to chat with over chat, voice or video, get access to pre-filled forms for filing with the State or IRS, and be able to reference a customized checklist for in-depth instruction on updating your business address with specific vendors. 

Changing business addresses is stressful! Our team has helped transition old business addresses over to Stable countless times and is here to make sure the entire process is as smooth as possible for you.

If you’d like to set up your Stable address and begin the change of address process, you can start here.

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