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How do I change business addresses?

October 2, 2023
Minh Mai

Dreading changing your business mailing address? With so many government entities, vendors, clients, and other parties to contact, updating your business address can seem daunting.

Whether you’re transitioning to a remote workplace, moving to a new business location, or signing up for a virtual mailbox, Stable is here to help. 

In this guide, we’ll cover the ins and outs of changing your business address, along with a step-by-step guide so you don’t miss any important correspondence. 

Why do I need to update my business address?

If your company’s business address has changed or is changing, it’s important to update your address with vendors, government entities, tax institutions, etc. as soon as possible so that you don’t miss any important documents or notifications.

Since many federal and state tax notifications are sent through snail mail, missing out on these tax deadlines could lead to hefty fines and late penalties

Updating your business addresses ensures these notifications go to the correct address. It also reduces the complications of sending mail to both your old and new addresses.

Step-by-step guide for changing your business address

Whether you have a new small business or a rapidly growing company, changing your business address doesn't have to be challenging. By following these steps, you can ensure that your mailing address is updated with every interested party.

1. Plan ahead

While updating your business address isn’t difficult, it isn’t as simple as making just one or two changes. To start, you’ll need to make plans to notify your bank, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and the state you do business in. 

It should take approximately thirty days to notify all appropriate parties and make the necessary address changes on the state and federal levels. Therefore, you should set aside the necessary time in order to:

  • Communicate your business address change to your team.
  • Gather the contact information of every company and entity you’ll have to notify.
  • Modify your marketing collateral and update your website.

Making these preparations is key to ensuring your business address change is a smooth process.

2. Notify internal teams and all departments

Every department that uses your business address for incoming and outgoing mail should be notified about the change. For example, you should notify your accounting team about your business address change since they are responsible for filing your taxes and communicating with the IRS. Other departments you should inform are:

  • Marketing: Your marketing team is responsible for creating materials to promote your business. Giving them the heads up about your business address change is vital for ensuring that all of your marketing content is correct. 
  • Legal: You should contact your lawyer to make sure they’re aware of your business address change so they can properly redirect any important notices. 
  • Operations: Anyone involved in running your company’s daily operations should also be privy to your new business address. 

As you can see, it’s wise to get your entire team on the same page before moving forward with making the change official. 

3. Update lease or ownership details

Whether you rent out an office space or own your building, it’s crucial to update your business address on official documents pertaining to your lease or ownership. Ignoring this step could be problematic if important information is sent to your previous business address. 

For example, let’s say that your landlord wants to send over a notice about a change in your lease, set to go into effect next year. Updating your lease with your new mailing address will ensure you receive the notice in time. 

4. Update address with authorities

The next step is updating your address with state and federal agencies. If you’re running an incorporated business, you’ll need to update your business address at both the state and federal levels. 

Updating your business address with the IRS is a simple process. You can do so by filing Form 8822-B (also known as the IRS Change of Address Business form) through the mail or just by using your new address on next year’s tax return. You can use the latter method if your business is new or you plan to file a tax return within a month of switching to a new address. 

On the other hand, the requirements for updating your business address at the state level depend on where your business is registered. 

For example, Delaware simply requires corporations to update their business address with their registered agents. But in California, businesses will need to file a Statement of Information form with the Secretary of State. 

To get the most accurate information about how to change your business address on the state level, visit your Secretary of State’s website.

5. Inform your bank

If you’re still receiving snail mail from your bank concerning statements and account information, inform them about your upcoming business mailing address change. On top of that, you’ll also need to update your info on any paper checks associated with your bank accounts. 

6. Update insurance providers

If you’ve purchased property insurance, workers’ comp, or any other types of business insurance, giving your providers your updated business address can prevent the misdelivery of important account notifications. Insurance companies regularly send renewal information through the mail, and missing an important notice could result in a lapsed policy.

7. Redirection services

The United States Postal Service (USPS) allows people and businesses to submit a request to redirect their mail if they are moving temporarily or permanently. You should submit a mail forwarding request at least 30 days before you officially change your address since it may take a while to go into effect.

8. Update vendors and clients

While it’s uncommon for vendors and clients to communicate with companies via snail mail, you should still notify them about your updated business address. Informing your vendors and clients will also ensure your updated business address appears on any incoming business records, such as renewal slips and invoices. 

9. Modify marketing materials

Your marketing team is responsible for creating client-facing promotional materials, most of which feature your company’s contact information. Before you send any more out, you should update your business address first, so customers know where to find or reach you.

10. Update online presence

Finally, don’t forget to update your business address on all your online profiles and accounts as well. Since most people use computers and mobile devices to find a business, you should ensure your website and social media profiles have your correct business address. 

What entities should I notify?

Knowing the steps to change your business address is only half the battle. Now it’s time to cover all the entities you should contact so you don’t forget any important parties. 

U.S. Postal Service

The USPS handles most incoming and outgoing mail for people and businesses across the United States. Notifying the post office by submitting a USPS Change of Address Request — in-person, online, or by mail — is vital for ensuring all your mail is sent to the right address. 


The IRS regularly sends out communications via snail mail, especially during tax season. If your mail from the IRS is sent to the wrong address, you could miss a key deadline and face costly consequences.

State taxation agencies

Every business entity needs to update its address with the state they’re registered in. This is not just for maintaining official state records, but also for receiving important tax account updates that could impact your business. 

Relevant licensing agencies

Licensing agencies, such as regulatory committees and license-issuing offices, also need to know your current contact information. So don’t forget to communicate your change of address to them as well. 

Registered agents

A registered agent is an official liaison for a corporation or limited liability company (LLC). If you have a registered agent, you’ll have to provide them with your updated business LLC address to ensure you receive any business correspondence that goes through them.

Financial institutions, lenders, vendors, and customers

Banks, creditors, vendors, and customers all communicate with your company on a regular basis, though typically by phone or email. But for good measure, you should make sure they have your updated LLC address or business mailing address for their records in case they ever need to contact you by mail. 

What else will I need to update?

There may be a few other places you’ll need to update with your new business address to ensure you’re fully covered, including:

Social media profiles 

Don’t forget about updating your social media profiles with your correct business address. This is an important part of creating a uniform online presence. 

Google’s Business profile

Your Google My Business profile is where most people will interact with your business from their computer or smartphone. Having incorrect business information could mean leading new customers to the wrong physical location. 

WHOIS domain registration

When you buy and register a website domain, you’re required to submit your business address for official records. After changing your business address, you can simply log in to your domain provider to update your information. 

Company website/contact page

People interested in your company’s products and services will normally visit your website’s contact page to find your location or reach out. Make sure this page contains accurate information, including your updated business address. 

Update your business address with Stable

Overall, updating your business address is a straightforward process — once you have a list of all the parties you’ll need to reach out to. Planning in advance can make it easier to notify everyone of your business address change and avoid mail misdelivery. 

If you want to avoid the hassle of physical mail management entirely, consider a virtual mailing service like Stable. With Stable, you can manage your business mail from anywhere in the world with a virtual mailbox

Stable makes it easy to change or update your business address. We provide customers with guided change of address assistance and customized checklists, ensuring you don’t miss a single step. We’ll even pre-fill the paperwork for you so you can stay focused on running your business — all you have to do is sign!

Get started today with Stable today and simplify your business mail management.

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