A complete guide for Delaware mail forwarding

May 3, 2023
John Eletto

Delaware is a hotspot for business incorporation for several reasons, including tax benefits, privacy, and expediency. But if you're establishing your business presence in Delaware, there are a few considerations you'll need to make — including managing your mail.

If you're moving your business to a new location within Delaware or moving from another state, you'll need to look into your mail forwarding options to ensure you don't miss any business-critical communications. Below, we'll cover everything you need to know about establishing mail forwarding for your Delaware-based business.

What is Delaware mail forwarding?

Mail forwarding is the process of sending your mail (and packages) on to a different address than you normally receive mail.

While we often think of mail forwarding in the context of relocation or being temporarily out of town, it can also serve a vital purpose for remote businesses and those operating out of private homes by providing a physical address where all your business mail and packages go.

While mail forwarding was once primarily about getting mail and packages from one place to another, today’s advanced mail forwarding services offer additional features and functionalities, such as mail scanning, shredding, and recycling.

So, why Delaware? While Delaware may be small in size, it’s big on benefits for small businesses:

  • No sales tax or income tax for corporations
  • Central east coast location
  • Fast filings with the IRS and other entities
  • Privacy
  • Scaled-down corporate structuring options
  • No residency requirements

Given these advantages, it’s unsurprising that many investors seek out businesses incorporated in Delaware.

In fact, more than 1.8 million legal entities are incorporated in Delaware due to its corporation-friendly policies. As a result, not only is Delaware the chosen domicile for nearly 67% of Fortune 500 companies, and roughly 93% of all of 2021’s initial public offerings in the United States took place in Delaware.

How does a mail forwarding service work?

Depending on your mail forwarding service, your mail pieces may then be sorted, scanned, shipped, or shredded based on your instructions.

You also have 24/7 access to your mail without dealing with the limitations of a P.O. Box or USPS mail forwarding.

The benefits of having mail forwarding services in Delaware

There are many advantages associated with having your mail forwarded to Delaware:

Provides a simple and unique Delaware street address

When you partner with a Delaware mail forwarding company, you get a unique Delaware address that belongs exclusively to your business. This is the simplest way to establish a presence for your company in Delaware, even if you’re hundreds (or thousands) of miles away.

An added benefit? Unlike a P.O. Box, you’ll also be able to receive mail and packages from UPS, FedEx, DHL, and other carriers.

No limits on mail forwarding credits

Some mail forwarding services offer unlimited credits on mail forwarding. No matter how many pieces of mail your business receives, mail forwarding will accommodate them. This means that as your business grows, you’ll be able to scale easily and inexpensively.

Establish a professional business address

An official business address looks more professional than a home address or P.O. Box. If you’re a small business looking to build authenticity and credibility with everyone from customers and vendors to employees and investors, a professional business address can make all the difference.

Allows easy receiving and scanning mail

Receiving and opening mail is a time-consuming endeavor that directs crucial resources away from higher-value tasks. At the same time, some mail is high priority and needs to be dealt with immediately. By receiving and scanning mail for you, mail forwarding services make it easy to quickly identify mission-critical mail and respond accordingly.

Takes advantage of Delaware’s business-friendly laws

Earlier, we touched upon the benefits of choosing Delaware as the location for your business. When you utilize a Delaware mail forwarding service, you get all of the benefits offered to Delaware-based companies — from wherever you are in the world.

Why Stable is the ultimate mail forwarding service

Mail forwarding is a valuable resource for businesses — but not every provider offers the flexibility and cost savings that Stable can. In a crowded field of bare-bones mail forwarding services, here’s why Stable stands above the competition:

Gives your company a permanent virtual mailing address

When you’re running a startup from your home or maintaining a remote or distributed Delaware company with no central location to receive mail, you may run into some potential issues: lack of privacy when using your home address and limitations of using a P.O. Box and USPS mail forwarding (which limits you to a total of 30 months of forwarding).

You can mitigate these challenges by having a permanent address that is yours to keep — even if your business relocates or you establish a physical headquarters elsewhere. Stable’s permanent virtual mailing addresses add a layer of security and privacy between your personal and professional life.

When you choose Stable for your mail forwarding services, you receive a permanent virtual mailing address that is exclusive to your business, which also supports a professional representation to customers, clients, vendors, and other stakeholders.

Allows you to manage your mail from anywhere

Stable does much more than receive your mail. Upon receipt, each envelope is scanned, and the details are sent to your virtual mailbox with notifications.

From there, you maintain total control over what happens next: Mail can be opened and scanned, forwarded to a different address, stored, or shredded. Stable even handles check deposits into your bank account on your behalf!

When you choose Stable for Delaware mail forwarding, you also get hands-on, customized onboarding and customer support, including pre-filling the required verification forms. Stable also provides guidance on changing your address and updating your address with the appropriate entities.

Accessible 24/7 through your password-protected online account, Stable’s mail forwarding services give businesses a level of convenience they simply can’t get from USPS. 

Flexibility to add a registered agent

Registered agents serve as liaisons between companies and the states where they’re doing business. If you’re forming a Delaware LLC or corporation (or conducting other official business), you’ll need a Delaware registered agent to act on your behalf, as delineated in Title 8 of the Delaware Code.

Stable offers registered agent services in all 50 U.S. states and territories — Delaware included — making it easy for your business to comply with Delaware’s registered agent requirement and respond swiftly to legal, regulatory, and tax correspondence.

Get a Delaware mail forwarding address through Stable

Whether your small business is new to the state or you’re thinking about expanding your business operations to Delaware, optimizing your mail management with mail forwarding can help you keep things running smoothly without missing a beat.

Create your Stable address today to take advantage of our discounted bulk forwarding rates, digitization services, and time-saving automations.

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