Can I use my home address as my business address?

John Eletto
October 13, 2021

The short answer is yes, you can use your home address as your business address. In fact, it has become commonplace for small business owners around the world to use their home addresses as their business addresses. This is particularly true if the company is small, doesn’t have a physical office space, and the team is all working remotely — however, although this practice may seem convenient, it may not always be the best idea for your business.

We list 3 reasons below for why using your home address as a business address may not be the best idea. 

Downsides of using your home address

There may be restrictions in place that prevent you from using your home address

Some cities have zoning restrictions that limit the kinds of businesses you can run from your home. For example in New York City residents are prohibited from running businesses that occupy more than 25% of their residence. You should also check your lease if you live in an apartment or condo. Many landlords restrict you from running physical operations from your apartment. Some go as far as prohibiting any income-producing businesses altogether.

Customers may see your business address

Before choosing your home address you should also consider things from the customer’s point of view. Some customers may consider a business registered to a home address as less professional or less serious than one registered to a dedicated business address. In some cases, it may be the difference for them when choosing between you or a competitor.


The most important factor to consider before using your home address is privacy. If you register your business to your personal address, your address will be publicly available. When a business is registered, it is required to provide an address for your business. These business registrations become public records. Many businesses also include their address on their website or marketing materials. Using your home address means that your customers and prospects will all know your home address.

Many founders also hesitate to use their home address because they need to provide their address to all their employees. Whether it’s the billing address on company credit cards, or a place to send gifts, we’ve heard from founders that they prefer for employees to not know their home address.

Even though using your home address may seem convenient, there is a better way that addresses all of the disadvantages of using your home address for your business.

What’s an alternative? 

Using a virtual address

A virtual address provides your business with a real street address which can be used to register your business, receive mail, and more. Upon receiving mail at your company's virtual address, it is digitized and you can view it online. If you need a company address in a specific city or lack a physical location, a virtual address is right for you.

Founders are increasingly choosing a virtual address to start their businesses due to its unique benefits. Apart from giving your business a professional address, a virtual address also gives you a presence in a place that is known for your industry. With a virtual address, you can live anywhere.

Privacy is another benefit of a virtual address. Founders are often reluctant to provide their home address. A virtual address gives you an address dedicated to your business.

You can also add virtual addresses to your business as it grows. Mail can be delivered in several states with just a single click. Having access to customers or candidates throughout the country makes it easier to hire new people.


Although using your home address to register your business, it may not be the best idea. Many founders are intimidated by the idea of establishing a physical presence for their company. Because of this, many choose their home address for their business address. With a virtual address, it’s easy to establish a presence in any city.

If you’re interested in setting up a virtual address in less than 5 minutes, you can start here.  

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