Alternatives to using a UPS Store address for your business needs

February 1, 2024
Minh Mai

Looking for a way to send and receive business correspondence seamlessly? You have plenty of options — UPS mailboxes, P.O. Box addresses, virtual business addresses, your home address, and more. 

So how do you make the right choice when faced with this many options? Simple — take the time to understand each of these choices and how they can impact your business. 

To help you, we'll take a deep dive into UPS Store addresses and offer some alternative options that might be a better choice for your business.

What is a UPS Store address?

The UPS Store offers mailing addresses with a real street address, allowing you to receive mail and packages from various shipping carriers, including USPS and FedEx. 

A UPS Store address is a lot like a regular post office address, as you get a box space that stores your mail and packages. Typically, the store notifies you when you receive new mail so you can check it as soon as possible. 

We know what you're thinking — what differentiates it from a typical P.O. Box address? Well, the key difference is that you have 24-hour access to your mailbox when you choose a UPS Store address, while you can only access a P.O. Box during regular business hours. With entrepreneurs often working beyond the typical 9-5, it's no wonder that these addresses are more popular. 

Further, you have more control over the size of your box space with UPS addresses — you can choose large spaces if you receive a lot of mail and packages. 

With over 5,000 UPS Store locations in the U.S., it's easy to see why it would be a top choice for businesses that receive mail often. 

Can I use UPS as a physical address?

The short answer is: It depends on what you use it for. The franchise does provide a real street address. However, there are some limitations. Some government agencies, like the Secretary of State, do not accept UPS Store addresses as physical addresses. 

As such, you can't use it to register your corporation or limited liability company (LLC). Similarly, some banks don't allow businesses to open accounts using UPS Store addresses. Review your state's guidelines and bank's policies to determine whether you need an alternative. 

Limitations of using a UPS Store address

While UPS Store addresses offer more flexibility than typical post office addresses, they still face various limitations, which can affect your package and mail management. Here are the limitations you should be aware of before you commit to the service.

Lack of professionalism

Your chosen business address will appear on business stationery and marketing materials like business cards. As such, it's easy for clients and potential partners to know you're using a UPS Store address. 

A UPS Store address can affect your brand image, as it brings your credibility into question. Some clients or partners may be skeptical about your business's permanence, stability, or scale if they search your address only to find it's a UPS Store.

Constrained accessibility

While many UPS Stores offer 24-hour access to mailboxes, they don't provide the same luxury when it comes to customer support. If you have concerns, you may have to wait until your chosen store is open. This can prevent timely resolutions to mail issues. 

Moreover, since UPS Store boxes are in physical locations, you must also show up in person to collect your mail and packages. This presents an accessibility problem, especially when you're traveling. 

Limited mail capabilities

UPS Stores have limitations on the scope of services they can offer. For example, they can't digitize and shred your mail. This is an inconvenience, as it means going to your local UPS Store every time you receive mail, which can be challenging when you're too busy or out of town. 

Further, they have package size and carrier limitations, which can be troublesome when receiving heavy packages or mail from non-major carriers. With UPS Stores, a heavy burden falls on your shoulders, as you must assess carriers and package size and weight limits before choosing them as your default business addresses. 

Privacy and security concerns

While UPS Stores offer private mailboxes (PMBs), they still pose significant security concerns. Shared spaces make it possible for unauthorized persons to access the mailbox area.  If someone gets a hold of your keys — which, if we're being honest, is quite easy — they can easily open your mailbox, jeopardizing sensitive business information. 

Alternatives to using a UPS Store address for businesses

If the limitations of UPS Store addresses have you looking for a better choice, there are some great options. After all, every business owner only wants the best for their company. Here are some alternatives to consider:

Virtual address

There are virtual address providers that receive business correspondence on your behalf and upload them to a secure online portal. This is a better alternative to a UPS Store address as it allows greater flexibility. A virtual address is particularly helpful for startups and small businesses, as it eliminates the need for physical office spaces. 

And the best part? You don’t need to be physically present to receive your mail. Typically, your virtual address provider will receive all correspondence, send you mail notifications, scan and digitize the contents on your behalf, send them to your portal, and store or shred the physical copies, depending on your preferences. 

For important mail, like legal documents, your provider can forward the physical copies to wherever you are, eliminating the need for constant travel. It doesn't get more convenient than that!

Here’s what a virtual address can do for your business:

  • Foster a professional image, as you can get a real street address in a prestigious business location. 
  • Promote seamless expansion and transitions to new locations, as it eliminates the need for physical business relocations. 
  • Save small business owners a lot of operational costs, including office rent and commuting expenses. 
  • Provide convenience by scanning and forwarding mail. 
  • Ensure privacy by keeping personal addresses out of public records. 

P.O. Box

A P.O. Box is a mailbox within a U.S. Postal Service (USPS) facility that allows you to receive mail and other packages. One of its greatest selling points is that it's cheaper than The UPS Store mailboxes. You can use it as your mailing address if you run an online business and want to reduce expenses and keep your home address private.

However, there are some disadvantages to P.O. Boxes, including:

  • Limited accessibility: You can only access your mailbox during typical working hours.
  • Little to no flexibility: You must be physically present to open a P.O. Box. This makes it unsuitable for people working remotely or those who enjoy traveling. 
  • Limited space: P.O. Boxes are only available in five sizes, all relatively small. As such, you can't receive too many or too-large packages. 
  • Restrictions: P.O. Boxes primarily receive mail sent through the USPS. Private mailing services like FedEx may be unable to deliver to your mailbox. 

Coworking space or shared business address

A coworking space can also serve as your business address, allowing you to kill two with one stone. Your shared space can accept mail on your behalf and notify you when items arrive. This is a good option for some small business owners, as it provides a physical location, which can enhance their professional image. 

Still, there are some disadvantages to consider, such as:

  • Disruptions: You must change your business address when you switch coworking spaces.
  • Limited access: Some shared spaces have specific operational hours, limiting your access to mail to regular business hours. 
  • Privacy concerns: There's a risk items could fall into the wrong hands in shared spaces. 

Home address

There are over 33 million small businesses in the U.S., and many are home-based. So it's common to find home addresses also serving as business addresses. While using a home address may save you constant trips to The UPS Store, it also presents some challenges, including:

  • Limited privacy: Your home address becomes a matter of public record when you use it for business needs. 
  • Unprofessional business image: Clients may perceive your business as unprofessional when you use your home address. 
  • Mail handling complexity: It can be challenging to differentiate between business and personal mail. 

Top virtual mailbox services for businesses

Many businesses are turning to virtual mailbox services because of the level of convenience they offer. You can work from anywhere, knowing you'll receive digital copies of your mail securely.

Here are some top service providers if you're considering virtual mailbox services:


Stable is a virtual mailbox provider operating in Delaware, Texas, New York, Florida, and California. The service is a superior choice for businesses because it provides permanent business addresses, meaning you never have to worry about changing your mailing address. 

For business owners who think long-term, this is a great relief, as it eliminates the need to constantly update business documents like invoices and vendor contracts. Just imagine the time and cost savings!

Moreover, Stable receives correspondence from anyone and anywhere, including banks, the government, the IRS, and a wide range of shipping companies, including FedEx, UPS, and USPS. Whether you want to open a bank account, file your taxes, register your business, or simply receive packages, rest assured you’ve found the right solution. 

To top it all off, you can integrate your account with numerous apps, including Slack, Gmail, and Outlook, streamlining business operations. Simply invite team members to view and collaborate on vital mail on your secure online portal.

Other reasons that distinguish Stable from the rest include:

  • Provides unlimited cloud storage
  • Allows you to scan and deposit checks remotely
  • Provides same-day mail opening and processing  
  • Offers a wide range of services, including mail forwarding, digitization, and shredding
  • Provides tags and automation for seamless mail management
  • Has notification features that let you know when you have mail 
  • Offers registered agent services to receive legal and compliance correspondence on your behalf


VirtualPostMail offers easy access to mail from anywhere in the world. Here’s why it’s a viable option for virtual mailbox services:

  • TruLease proof of address feature that provides verification documents, allowing you to open bank accounts and register businesses using your virtual address
  • Includes a check deposit service that allows you to deposit checks remotely
  • Offers mail forwarding services
  • Allows integrations with numerous apps, including Zapier
  • Provides permanent mailbox addresses
  • Offers registered agent services 

Earth Class Mail

Earth Class Mail eases the hassle of mail management by digitizing and automating mailing processes. It's one of the leading virtual mailbox providers, thanks to its:

  • Check depositing feature that allows for virtual check management
  • Streamlined app that gives you convenient access to your mail
  • Numerous mail services, including mail scanning, forwarding, and shredding 
  • Integrations with cloud-based applications like Dropbox and Google Drive

US Global Mail

US Global Mail supports small businesses and startups by providing efficient virtual mail management services. It's a top contender for virtual mailboxes because it:

  • Offers same-day mail processing and scanning
  • Provides mail forwarding services
  • Automatically pre-sorts mail to remove junk mail
  • Offers significant discounts on international shipping

Fulfill all of your business address needs with Stable

While a UPS Store mailing address may be a viable option for small businesses, it also presents challenges that can affect your operations. A virtual business address is the best alternative to a UPS Store mailbox, as it offers greater flexibility and enhances your professional image. 

Stable is a top virtual mailbox service because it provides real physical addresses and cloud-based features that streamline mail management. And the best part? You can set up your address online in a matter of minutes. 

Try Stable today for efficient mail, package, and check management!

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