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How andros saves 20+ hours a month managing mail with Stable

August 7, 2023
Talal Syed

andros is on a mission to make healthcare administration better by streamlining the healthcare credentialing process and building out provider networks. 

Over 7.5 million healthcare providers and organizations like Horizon Bluecross Blueshield, Humana, and others work with andros so people can get better health care closer to home. 

Mali MacConnell splits her time between managing mail operations in her role as Office Manager, and providing support to the CEO as an Executive Assistant. 

Managing mail for six different business names

In January 2020, CredSimple acquired Glenridge Health and rebranded to andros. Previously, Glenridge Health went through multiple iterations of its name, and that meant Mali had to manage mail under six different business names. 

"I had to spend many hours a week going through all mail, and then scan & send the PDFs to relevant departments. All the while making sure we stayed on top of the important mail and didn't miss any deadlines from IRS, tax entities, state, etc for all six business names," says Mali.

A Return to Sender mail nightmare

As part of its business, andros sends out tens of thousands of mail correspondences to doctors. A small percentage of it is Return-to-Sender mail, but considering the volume, it can add up. Due to its sensitive nature, properly handling and shredding this mail is key. 

"I would dread my office days because I had to manually go through boxes upon boxes of mail and make sure it didn't have anything important like a notice or a check from a vendor," says Mali. "Then I had to shred it one by one. It took me an entire work day every week – it was ridiculous."

Office closures exacerbate mail problems

When COVID-19 forced companies to close offices, like many other companies, mail management problems exacerbated for office managers. And since andros no longer had a physical office to store mail, Mali won approval for moving to a virtual address and mailbox. 

She turned to the many groups spread across email and Slack that are dedicated to helping office managers. “Stable was among the top recommended solutions,” Mali recalls. 

She evaluated vendors based on how effectively they could solve her two different but equally important problems: managing mail under a lot of business names and handling RTS mail. “I was freaking out that the return to sender mail would somehow get crossed in with the business mail and things would go haywire,” says Mali. 

Customer service seals decision for a vendor

“After I took calls with Stable and other vendors, it became clear that other solutions were less customizable, less efficient, and their customer service wasn’t good,” says Mali. 

A particularly poor sales call with the only competing vendor from her shortlist cemented her decision to go with Stable. 

“When I was onboarding, I kept thinking I was messing up something because nothing is ever this easy. But my account was ready in two days and I started getting mail within the week. And I was like, oh my gosh, it’s done. It was really special,” says Mali. 

A streamlined way to manage business mail

With Stable, Mali’s mail operations workflows look very different. 

All mail addressed to any of the business names andros operates under gets routed to their Stable address. When mail is received, its contents get automatically scanned and Mali gets a notification. 

After seeing the contents, she tags her HR and Finance teams for them to take action. If it’s an important notice and it’s necessary to retain hard copies, mail can be shipped to a team member through a few clicks. 

Mali’s particularly appreciative of the spam filtering provided by Stable. “One of the most helpful things is how thoroughly and expertly Stable weeds our junk mail. I trust that every single piece of mail I'm looking at is legitimate mail that needs to be dealt with,” says Mali. 

All RTS mail gets routed to a different Stable address where it’s easy to see scans and make a decision on keeping or shredding the mail item in a few clicks. 

Overall, Mali estimates Stable saves her 20+ hours of managing mail every month. 

With her new found time, Mali has been able to spend more time on her duties as an executive assistant. “I’m now able to better support the CEO in executing his vision, and since he has a better support system, that trickles down to the rest of the company.”

“For two years, I was like – there has to be a better way. Thankfully, Stable is the better way,” concludes Mali. 

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