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Why should I add team members to my Stable account?

Team members can scan and forward mail, request check deposits, and access change of address information + archives of digital mail
Anna Rhatigan

When you add a team member to your Stable account, they can:

  • Get full access to your Stable Dashboard and view all scanned and archived mail
  • Forward physical mail
  • Get notifications for incoming mail (optionally)
  • Access information on compliantly updating your company's address
  • Deposit checks
  • Use features like search and tagging to organize mail
  • Share digital copies of mail with specific people (ex. Billing, HR, or Legal)

How can I add a team member?

  • Click on Team, then click on Add Team Member.
  • Choose their permissions: Admin gives them full access; User gives them access only to mail addressed to them.

How much does it cost to add a team member?

  • Each additional user is $20 or $30, depending on the plan you’re using.
  • Before you add the user, a pop up screen will have you confirm whether you’d like to add the additional user to your subscription.

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