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What is a USPS 1583 form?

This form authorizes Stable to accept and handle mail on your behalf.
Sarah Ahmad

A USPS 1583 gives us permission to accept and handle mail under your or your business’s name. We’re required by law to have a signed copy of this form on file in order to ensure that a real person or entity is linked to a Stable mailbox. 

When you set up a Stable address, we’ll pre-fill this form for you!

This form is required regardless of whether you set up a mailbox for an individual or a business.

You can download the USPS 1583 form here for reference.

*A copy of your Primary and Secondary ID will be needed to add on file.
** Your company must be incorporated.
*** If you are an international business but have incorporated in the U.S., you can use the Registered Agent address to fill out this field.

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