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What do I do with mail assigned to my address with no listed recipient?

You can either let us know that the recipient is associated with your company and accept the mail, or you can have us return it to sender.
Anna Rhatigan

Sometimes, we will receive mail at your Stable address with your unique unit number, but addressed to a recipient we don’t have on file.

To make sure the mail does belong to your company, we’ll have you review it first by clicking Resolve mail under the Things to do section.

If the mail belongs to somebody at your company:

If the mail is for somebody at/ affiliated with your company, press Add Recipient in the top right corner. You can have unlimited recipients, and you will not be charged for adding a new recipient. This will not let them view any of the mail on your Stable Dashboard.

If the recipient is not already in your Stable account, you’ll be directed to add them as an Individual or Business Recipient. Next time we receive mail for them, we'll know to automatically deliver it to their mailbox.

Once you’ve added them, go back to the piece of mail and assign it to the right person. From there, you can forward, scan, or deposit the mail as needed.

Watch the process here:

If the mail does not belong to somebody at your company:

If you don’t recognize the recipient’s name, you can press return to sender. No action is required on your end — we’ll send it back to the original sender with a message that the stated recipient is not at your address.

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