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What actions can I take on my mail with Stable?

We can scan, forward and shred your mail. We can also deposit your checks.
Anna Rhatigan

We know that dealing with your mail can be time-consuming. So, along with providing a virtual address, Stable also aims to make sorting through your mail as easy, quick, and (if you’d like) hands-free as possible.

When you receive a piece of mail, we’ll notify you via email or Slack. From there, you can click on the notification and see your mail in your Stable Dashboard. You’ll be able to see a scan of the envelope and who it’s from.

Depending on the plan you're on, can choose to either scan, forward, or shred your mail. If you’ve received a package and want to know what’s inside it, you can click scan and we’ll open the package and photograph the contents for you.

Tip:If you’re on the Startup or Business plans, our team recommends turning on automatic scanning for a quicker + easier experience.

Info about Check Deposits

If you’ve received a check, we can deposit it for you via mail-in deposit, as well. Just click on the check you’d like to deposit, then click Deposit in the top right corner.

Depending on your bank, we’ll need to collect a few pieces of information, including your bank account number. One-off check deposits are $20 each. We also have a monthly check deposit add-on that allows for up to 10 check deposits a month for $50/ month. If you prefer to deposit checks yourself, we can also forward checks directly to you anywhere in the world.

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