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What’s the difference between users and admins in Stable — and how can I add team members to my account?

An Admin can take action on all mail; a User can only take action on mail addressed to themselves. Add a new teammate by going to Settings → Team
Anna Rhatigan

For your security, there are two types of access available within the Stable dashboard: Administrator access and User access.

An administrator can view and take action on all the mail that your company received, but a user can only view and take action on mail that’s specifically addressed to them.

How do I add a new user or administrator to my Stable account?

Go to Settings → Team in your Stable dashboard.

Then, scroll down and press Add team member. Input their info, then choose User or Administrator under Access Level.

What is the difference between a recipient and a user or admin?

Both Users and Admins have login access to your Stable Dashboard, but recipients don’t have login access. Recipients are individuals or business names that Stable can receive mail on behalf of — this means recipients can be added even if they’re not a user or admin.

How do I add a new recipient?

Go to your Stable Dashboard, then go to SettingsAddress. From there, you can add a new individual recipient or business recipient.

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