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How do I take an ID verification image?

The ID verification image can be taken on a phone or computer, as long as the person in the photo is a company officer.
Anna Rhatigan
September 12, 2022
An example of an ID verification photo

Here are a few requirements for the ID Verification Image:

  1. The person in the photo is a company officer
  2. The photo clearly shows the person’s entire face
  3. The ID is clearly showing in the photo

Can I take the ID verification image on a phone?

Yes, as long as your full face and photo ID are clear in the photograph. 

What if my computer doesn’t have a camera?

You can take the ID verification image from your phone and then press the Upload Photo button. Feel free to briefly navigate away from this window if needed — we’ll save your info and you can pick up from where you left off.

I’m not the company officer — what should I do?

Your progress while completing the 1583 form will always be saved, so you can wait to submit the form until you have the company officer's verification picture. Here are two options:

1). Message your company officer to send you a clear photo of them holding their primary ID, then upload it.

2). If they have access to the email address you’re using, let them know to log in to your Stable account and click the blue banner at the top of your Dashboard to finish up the process.

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