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Can Stable deposit checks sent to my address?

Yes, we can deposit checks via mail in deposits.
Minh Mai

Checks that are sent to your Stable address can be deposited directly into your bank account via mail in deposits. This is a secure method for check deposits that many of our customers use. As of May 2021, we’ve helped deposit over tens of millions of dollars worth of checks!

Depending on your bank, we’ll need to collect a few pieces of information, including your bank account number. One-off check deposits are $20 each. We also have a monthly check deposit add-on that allows for up to 10 check deposits a month for $50/ month. If you receive 10 or more checks a month, contact us at so we can set up a custom plan that can best fit your needs. 

If you prefer to deposit checks yourself, we can also forward checks directly to you anywhere in the world. 

Here’s a list of common banks that we can and can not support 👇👇

Banks we can support: 

First Republic Bank
Ally Bank
Bank of America
Bridge Bank
Bank of the West
Synovus Bank
Wells Fargo
Amegy Bank

Banks we do not currently support (but may in the future!):


If you use a different bank and are curious about if we can support them, please reach out to us at

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