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Can Stable provide Registered Agent Addresses?

We can provide you with a registered agent for any of the 50 states or territories for an add-on of $25/month.
Minh Mai

Registered agents act as your primary contact with the State that you're registered in to receive official government notifications (i.e court notices, business registration reminders) on behalf of your business. Similar to your Stable address, you’ll be able to view this address and manage any legal or state documents sent here through the Stable Dashboard. 

Why would you need a registered agent?

Registered agent addresses are needed when you register to do business in any of the 50 states. These addresses are used for official business mail and are required by states so they can contact you in case of any compliance or legal issues.  

What can a Stable registered agent do?

1). Ensure that you have a point of contact for state governments.

  • If you’re not following certain state laws or have filed your state taxes incorrectly, the state will contact you at your registered agent address.

2). Make sure your state filing is up to date.

  • If there’s any additional action you need to keep your company in good standing, the State will send paperwork to your registered agent.

3). Stay notified about any lawsuits + legal matters.

  • If people have legal concerns about your company, they will reach out at this address.

4). Enable you to manage all your company’s mail in the same platform. ✅

  • See any mail that arrives for you from your Registered Agent address in your Stable Dashboard.

5). Have all your mail digitized + access it anytime. 🧑‍💻

  • Just like any mail you receive at your Stable address, we scan + digitize your mail so that it’s on hand whenever you need it.

Add a registered agent here for $25/month. 

Difference between a registered agent address and a Stable Address

We have minimal mail processing for any legal documents that arrive at your registered agent address, and unlike your Stable address, it is not meant to receive regular mail or serve as your business or mailing address. For all other purposes, you should use your Stable address. 

To add a registered agent address to your Stable account, click here. For more information on registered agents + where to get one, check out this article here

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