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Stable is a virtual address and mailroom for startups. Since launching in June 2020, we’ve grown to support 100+ companies. Customers love what we’re building, and we’re looking for empathetic and creative individuals to join us.

Remote work is changing how companies are structured and operated. The next 10 years of company building will be unlike anything we’ve ever seen before — defined by geographic diversity, distributed work-hubs, and virtualization of the physical world. 

Stable is redefining how modern companies are formed and operated, starting with business addresses and mailrooms. We’re laying down tools, processes, and precedents –– infrastructure that will prove foundational from incorporation to IPO.

We're backed by incredible investors like Y Combinator, Hustle Fund, Remote First Capital, and founders from companies like Apartment List and Kabam.

This is an opportunity to join an early-stage startup as one of the first employees and impact the future of how companies are built.

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Customer delight is fundamentally intertwined with why users love our product. As a Customer Experience & Operations Lead, you will be our customer champion –– responsible for ensuring wonderful interactions exist at every touchpoint.

Through this role, you’ll conduct onboarding calls with customers, lead the change of address process, and field questions about virtual addresses and mailboxes. You’ll continuously have opportunities to identify and implement solutions to improve the customer experience. Additionally, you’ll aid in setting the groundwork for address and mail operations across new cities.

Your day-to-day work will impact how customers engage with Stable. Through your actions, you’ll directly drive customer satisfaction and revenue growth. As one of the first employees, you will be part of a small, core team that is exposed to all aspects of the business. 

This position is great for someone who is flexible and invigorated about wearing many hats in a fast-paced environment. We expect you to grow with our company ––  being adaptive and excited to learn alongside the founders of an early-stage startup is a must.

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