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A virtual address + mailbox for your business
Access for up to 1 user, $2 / mail for every piece received
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Permanent street address
$2 / mail for every piece received
Unlimited business & individual recepients
View received mail and package contents online
Access for up to 1 user
Features and automations to scale your mail operations
Access for up to 5 users, 30 pieces of mail included
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Everything in Basic plus
30 pieces of mail included
Integrate with tools like Slack and Zapier
Deposit checks sent to your address
Streamline workflows with 1 automation included
Access for up to 5 users
For organizations with larger volume requirements
Access for up to 10 users, 100 pieces of mail included
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Everything in Scale plus
100 pieces of mail included
Streamline workflows with 3 automations included
Priority support with a dedicated account manager
Access for up to 10 users

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Our customers love us

We lead the industry in customer satisfaction with a net promoter score of over 70
Barry McCardel
CEO, Hex Technologies
The last thing you want to worry about as a founder is physical mail and package logistics. Stable takes that completely off your plate, so you can worry about everything else on it.

We couldn't live without it.
Justin Bleuel
Co-Founder & CEO, Avenue
Stable is an absolute no-brainer. Not only is it an administrative life-saver to 1) never miss an important letter/notice, and 2) never have to update addresses on each office-move, but it's a delight to have all our mail scanned and available digitally.
Shmulik Fishman
Founder & CEO, Argyle
Stable makes the internet backward compatible with analog mail.

Our entire global mailroom is run on Stable, allowing us to focus on building, not sorting.

Frequently asked questions

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What's the formation discount?

If you plan to use your Stable address to form a company or if your company was formed in the last 12 months, you can get 50% off of our Grow plan for 2 years.

Click here to get started.

Where can I use my business address?

Your business address can be used on file with the IRS, government agencies, vendors, and more — anywhere that you may be asked to provide a physical address for your business.

Read more here.

What is the format of the address? Is it a PO Box?

Similar to how an office address may be structured, all Stable addresses are real street addresses with the following format:

123 Main St. #XXXX
City, State 00000

Where #XXXX is a unique number for your account / business and can be stylized how you see fit (Suite, Unit, #, etc).

Your Stable address is not a PO Box, and therefore can be used with many government and tax agencies and vendors that otherwise do not accept PO Box addresses.

What happens when I receive mail?

When we receive new mail for you, we’ll scan the outside envelope and extract important information such as the sender and recipient. We’ll then send you a notification via email (or through one of our integrations) with this information.

From the Stable Dashboard, you can request to have mail open & scanned to see the internal contents, forwarded to anywhere in the world, deposited to your bank account, or securely shredded. We’ll send you notifications when these actions are completed as well.

We also have automations (ex. always open & scan mail) you can turn on to make mail handling even more simple.

Can I use Stable if I’m located outside of the United States?

Yes, we work with many business owners and founders located outside of the United States.

Can I receive mail for multiple entities under the same mailbox?

Yes, we can receive mail under different business names at the same address. Please add any  names you expect to receive mail under as “Business Recipients” in your account.

Can I receive packages from FedEx, UPS, DHL, and USPS?

Yes, you can receive packages from all of these carriers.

What type of Change of Address guidance will my business receive?

We help with the Change of Address process for free.

During onboarding, we ask a few questions to understand where you may have used your previous business address.

We then put together a tailored checklist for your business with instructions on how to update your address with government entities, IRS, vendors, etc.

We also pre-fill any paperwork and have a dedicated team member to walkthrough this process with you and answer any questions. We're here to make the transition as easy as possible.

Can Stable deposit my checks?

Yes, you can deposit checks with a click of a button after your bank account is linked to Stable.

You can read more about our check deposit services here.

How does the Registered Agent service work?

Our Registered Agent services satisfy the requirement of having an appointed agent in a state you’re doing business in and you can use these addresses on file with state institutions.

If we receive any correspondence from the government at your Registered Agent address, we’ll digitize the documents for you to view in the Stable Dashboard alongside mail from your primary address.

Note that these are separate addresses and services from your primary Stable address and are an add-on of $25 / month.